Past Exhibitions 2008 & 2007


Exhibition: How We Are Now
Date: 122nd May until 2nd August 2007
Location: Tate Britain, London

Tate Exhibition Promotional Image: Granny Allen


Roxane displayed four pieces in the Tate Britain: How We Are Now, Exhibtion. The photographs were displayed both online on the Tate website and on screens in the Tate Britain.

How We Are: Photographing Britain, took a unique look at the journey of British photography, from the pioneers of the early medium to today’s photographers who use new technology to make and display their imagery. One of Roxane’s photographs (the right image of Granny Allen) was used by Flickr in their news piece about the exhibition.



Exhibition: Anytown
Date: 11th June until 19th July 2007
Location: Mascalls Gallery, Paddock Wood, Kent

Anytown, explored the urban environment through the eyes of artists, photographers and designers from across four continents.


Exhibition: Signals 5
Date: 1st until 15th September 2007
Club Chaos, Crystal Palace

Signals 5 was an arts festival in the Crystal Palace Triangle. Featuring visual art, film screenings, photography, music, live art, art fair and cabaret and curated by the Crystal Palace Artists group.



Exhibition: Harvest It!
Date: Sunday 23rd September 2007
Myatt’s Fields Park, Camberwell, London SE5

Harvest It! transformed Myatt’s Fields Park into a bountiful village of delights with collective artworks and spectacular performances with the participation of hundreds of local people.


Exhibition: Gift Theory
Date: 10th November 2007 until 5th January 2008.
Location: Leicester City Gallery, Leicester

For its 2007 seasonal selling exhibition, The City Gallery showcased a very special range of handmade objects. Showcasing the best in contemporary crafts from across the UK, this exhibition provides an opportunity to purchase special gifts as a way of communicating to another. Roxane submitted two art works that make up part of a bigger piece by John Kirby entitled 222 Tiny Artworks. John Kirby created a 20p gumball dispenser that contained 222 tiny artworks. John Kirby is a Leicester artist who has started the One Lost Housemate art movement.

222 Tiny Artworks Gumball Machine


Exhibition: What Haunts You?..
Date: 23rd November 2007 until 27th January 2008
The Photographer’s Gallery, London

The Photographers’ Gallery collected over 3,000 photographs, including some submitted by Roxane, for an on-line archive of all things haunting Artist Helen Marshall chose one photograph, by Lily Coco, from all those sent in. With it she produced an on-line, interactive photo collage composed of many of the other photos submitted. Click here to view and explore the artwork she created, as well as see all of the 1,000’s of spooky images sent in.